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Credit Unions

PC's Credit Union Clients have ranged in asset size between $100 Million to over $1 Billion and reside all across the country.  In addition to the mortgage banking engagements, PC has assisted a number of Credit Union Clients with strategic and tactical initiatives targeted towards enhancing, designing and/or developing their mortgage lending operations.  Specifically on behalf of our Credit Union Clients, PC has:

®    Created Operational Policies, Procedures and Risk Management techniques.

®    Evaluated and Restructured Sales, Operations, Servicing and Secondary business processes in order to bring the Credit Union equal to mortga banking industry Best practices.

®    Provided Interim CEO, CFO and COO management on behalf of Credit Union Boards of Directors responsible for ensuring continuity of the mortgage business unit’s performance.

®    Developed and implemented business models to assist finance and ALCO with budgeting, forecasting and benchmarking performance of mortgage lending activities.

®    Designed and implemented secondary marketing systems, processes, pricing methodologies and risk management policies and procedures.

®    Assessments regarding mortgage loan servicing, including the “in-house” versus sub-servicing quantification, implementation of conversion tactics, evaluation and enhancement to sub-performing loan collection & loss mitigation practices and general business process assessments / enhancements.

®    Designed and Implemented detailed tactical plans geared at creating a new mortgage lending Division, Subsidiary or CUSO.  These engagements spanned the entire gamut including everything from designing compensation plans, searching and deploying technology, implementing solid business processes, negotiating contracts with third parties, building the secondary marketing pricing models and ensuring the business unit was guided by solid and compliant policies and procedures.

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