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Industry Expertise


Rapidly evolving, complex mortgage strategies and changing market demands have made it increasingly difficult for any organization to depend solely on its own internal resources for implementation of strategic and tactical initiatives.  PC has earned a reputation as being a leader in professional advisory services because of the depth and breadth of our mortgage banking industry domain knowledge. We know the business processes and typical issues, the trends impacting the industry and the best practices needed to achieve desired strategic results.  Our clients appreciate our deep understanding of their business and the challenges they face.


Domain Expertise

Mortgage Banking:

Mortgage Banking, as a Client's core competency or as a business segment of a enterprise, has been PC's focus since its inception.  Our mortgage banking clients have ranged between those with monthly production in the Billions (e.g., Countrywide) to those hitting the $5 - $10 million mark.  PC works with our Clients to search for unique strategies, to experience the greatest returns possible, or in implementation of industry best practices.



Credit Unions:

When PC opened it's doors during 1995, PC's first client was a mortgage-focused CUSO and its fourth client was a credit union with assets over $1 Billion.  Since that time PC has been assisting Credit Union Clients all over the country with their mortgage and consumer lending initiatives.




Additionally, PC has assisted many other types of organizations, including - for example:  Mortgage Insurance, Lawyers, CPA Firms, Research Institutes, Media, Government Entities and Industry Associations.