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Mortgage Bankers

Charting the Course....

PC has literally assisted hundreds of mortgage bankers since its inception during 1995.

Sample Engagements are as follows:


Strategic Repositioning – PC has been engaged by numerous clients to evaluate their company’s strategic direction and has assisted clients in achieving additional market share through new lending platforms; strategic alliances; in the disposition of specific assets, or preparing for and obtaining additional capital, for growth initiatives.

Capital Markets – PC has worked with many clients developing strategies for best execution, including third party loan sales.  Additional related services have included fee structure analysis, evaluation of secondary marketing strategies and the development of loan pricing and marketing models.  Models include  methodology for daily rates, internal cost and profit analysis (by product type), and other tools necessary for determining daily pricing and/ loan pool sales and various asset valuation strategies.

Business Process Improvement– Engaged by numerous clients, PC has analyzed existing business processes, implementing strategies with the primary objective of improving operations and increasing productivity, with an emphasis on financial performance.  This is accomplished via a thorough assessment of the Client’s infrastructure, thereby generating and implementing recommendations for Quick Fix © opportunities, short-term and long-term improvements.  PC's systematic approach can be utilized for a variety of objectives including:  Process Improvement, Benchmarking operations to peer groups, search for possible automation opportunities among a whole host of other goals.

Technology Search, Procurement and Implementation – During the normal course of Business Process Improvement assignments, many clients have engaged PC to assist in procuring the technology that enables them to be more efficient and effective within a specific area of its mortgage banking operations.  Our recommendations and assistance to clients always considers their primary objectives and core competencies.  Because we do this often, we have a vast knowledge base of technology solutions.

Financial Reporting, Forecasts and Projections – PC has conducted many engagements assessing historical financial performance in order to recommend growth strategies, long-term business plans, forecasts or projections for purposes of presenting information to Boards of Directors, Shareholders or Prospective Investors.  PC has proprietary models for these types of sophisticated analytics.

Purchase & Sale Transactions – PC has been contracted by clients to assist in mergers and acquisitions, asset sales, servicing sales and capital raising (debt and equity).   Services included valuing the company or assets to be acquired or sold, assisting in the due diligence process, participating in the negotiation process, and for the successful bidder, assisting in the transition process.

Loss Mitigation Strategies – Several of our clients required implementation or assistance in a proactive approach to mitigating losses that arose from a changing marketplace.  PC has a definitive strategy for preventing and detecting losses associated with high risk loans that has been successfully implemented time, and, time again. 

Controls and Compliance - Several Clients have engaged PC to conduct a preliminary assessment of current strengths and weaknesses of their core business processes and control structures over mortgage banking activities.  Our typical approach in these circumstances was to document the entire process.  The outcomes of the engagements included recommendations for improvement which resulted in implementation of stronger internal controls, new Risk Management Policies and Procedures, Desktop Procedures and Compliance Manuals.

Activity Based Costing - PC analyzed several business processes and applied an Activity Based Costing methodology in order to ascertain ground-breaking loan level facts related to loan production, micro & macro profitability and/or loan servicing.  PC benchmarks findings between our Client’s performance and peer group results.  Additionally, PC has been involved with one of the premier providers of Business Intelligence software that automates this process.

Compensation– PC has been selected by the CMBA to conduct the Annual Compensation Survey since 1995.  We advise many of our clients on competitive salary, bonus and incentive programs.  Other clients have utilized us to assist in the redesign of job descriptions, policies, procedures and organizational structures.

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