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Other Business Enterprises

PC has worked with a wide variety of business over the years, including those that provide primarily legal and accounting services to their customers; government sponsored or owned entities; mortgage insurance providers; and, other mortgage-related service providers.  The following is a sampling of engagements: 

Litigation Support Services & Expert Witness Testimony Several of our clients have requested that we support their efforts in pursuing litigation matters.  PC has assisted in over 20 cases.

New Product Development and Roll-outPC is often retained by our clients to assist in the development and marketing of new products, including performing the necessary technical, financial and market research.

Educational Programs- Several of PC's Clients have requested it to design, then to roll-out, specific training programs designed to educate either shareholders, employees, and/or customers.  These programs have ranged from web-based to on-site education.

Loan Delinquency Analysis - PC has been engaged to assist in the developing the methodology used to evaluate loans for purposes of predicting the probability that types or groups of loans will become delinquent.

Process & Technology Integration- Often vendors to the mortgage lending space have engaged PC to assist in process and technology design, testing and roll-out.  Other engagements have included B2B integration, project management, tactical planning and mortgage market user feedback.

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