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Service Delivery Model


The cornerstone of pc's service methodology


PC is uniquely qualified to assist with a variety of strategic and tactical risk management solutions including Mortgage Loan Production and Mortgage Servicing process and risk assessments.      Our engagements incorporate our trademark approach to solving our Client's initiatives:  People, Processes and Technology – with a financial kicker.

  • People:  The "soft-side" of the business including human resources and policies & procedures governing compensation and job performance.
  • Processes:  Defining "How you do, What you do" typically incorporates a wide range including desktop procedures, policies, compliance, risk and internal controls.
  • Technology:  Systems, Applications and Tools used in the processes.
  • Finance:  Profitability, Productivity and Overall Performance.
People, Processes and Technology has been the basis for delivery of our professional advisory services for over 15 years.  Taking an approach, one that incorporates a full spectrum, has proven time-after-time to result in successful and meaningful solutions for our Clients.